The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First Book

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81% of people surveyed say the want to write a book. Less than 1% actually does. Join and you’ll receive a free guide walking you through the entire process of writing and publishing your first book.

5 Concrete Milestones You Can Use to Track Your Success as an Online Writer


Everybody wants to start a blog and be an online writer these days. Many people do start blogs — a few with success, and most with none. If you’re in the beginning stages of building a blog, you have a ton to learn. If you stay the course, you will learn, and you’ll be amazed […]

How to Start a Blog the Right Way (And Why You Should Do it Today)

I started this blog because I want to help aspiring writers like you — people who know they have the words inside them but need help in all phases of building their online writing career. This includes the writing itself, building consistent habits, marketing, and technical aspects. I conducted a few surveys and was surprised […]

How to Pick a Writing Topic (and Stick With it)


Odds are you’re falling into a trap. I’ve seen many aspiring writers fall into it and I’ve written about many times, but it needs to be said again. If you want to stand a chance at becoming successful as an online writer, you can’t start a blog that reads like a personal journal. I get […]

3 Books That Had a Major Influence on me While I Wrote My Second Book

  As a writer, I look to a bevy of different influences for knowledge, style, and because I love to read. The magical powers of reading widely come into play when you find yourself remembering quotes, anecdotes, and pieces of ideas you can use to bolster your own writing. They are stored in your mind […]

4 Important Lessons Learned From Writing My Second Book

I sold five times as many books during the launch of my second book than I did on my first one. Now, I am still not a New York Times Best Selling author, but I’m starting to see the true power of online writing. In fact, this second book launch has given me enough confidence […]

The Ultimate Guide to Attracting a Loyal Audience for Your Writing

Admit it. You want more fans for your writing. You’re tired of writing posts nobody reads and being jealous of other online writers who hit a home run every time they publish. You know it’s possible to attract an audience of loyal fans because you see others doing it, but for you it feels like […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Writing Habit That Sticks Like Superglue


You know you need to write often to have a successful writing career. You want to build a writing habit so you can unleash the ideas, words, and stories you have locked inside you. But… You can’t bring yourself to face the page enough to make the habit stick. You write sometimes, or worse, you don’t write […]

Steps to Writing a Book: The Ultimate Guide


The steps to writing a book are simple. Think you have a book in you? We’ve all heard the overly quoted statistic. 81% of the population wants to write a book, but only 1% actually does. In 2017, writing and publishing a book isn’t only possible, but it’s easier than it’s even been before. There’s […]

Click Bait vs. Genuine Writing: Which Path Should You Follow?


First, let’s eliminate all potential whining from whiny writers. We’re living in the best possible time in human history to be writers. As a writer today, you don’t have to jump through the insane hoops, obstacles, and barriers your predecessors had to. Kurt Vonnegut wrote for twenty-five years before publishers discovered him. Today, you literally […]

20 Brain Expanding Books That Altered the Course of my Life Forever

You shouldn’t treat reading books like a sport. Saying you read 100 books in a year doesn’t mean anything. Saying you learned something that gave you a crucial insight, altered the way you think about the world, or made you better at your business or profession means everything. I read because there’s a lot to […]