Writer’s Block: How to Find the Root Cause and Destroy it For Good


Every writer, no matter how confident, deals with writer’s block from time to time. For some of us, writer’s block is a mere hiccup in an otherwise consistent habit. For others, it’s a chronic problem keeping them from moving forward in their career. If the latter describes you, consider the following question. Do you just […]

The Undisputed Key Secret To Becoming a Great Writer


I’ve been trying to balance my writing schedule with my job, taking care of my family, and all of my other responsibilities. I’ve been failing. During these past few weeks, I wrote almost every single day, but nothing seemed to come out right. Nothing I wrote was worth publishing. I was losing it. It felt […]

The Only 3 Types of Writing People Actually Want to Read


Does it feel like nobody seems interested in your writing, even though you write often? Maybe you’re making same mistake I used to make.

7 Powerful Lessons the Olympic Games Can Teach us About Writing


Who doesn’t love the Olympics? Every four years, we get to see the best of the best of the best compete. The Olympics is so interesting, because the athletes have few chances to win medals in their lifetime. In almost every other sport, you get a new season each year, but in the Olympics, it’s […]

Why You Should Start a Blog TODAY (and How You Can Do It for $3 in 10 Minutes)


Raise your hand if you’ve said or thought this before: “I want to start my own blog…someday.” It’s one of those things people continue to put off — some put it off for the rest of their life. If you’re reading this it’s because you have a dream. You dream of creating work that matters […]

7 Insanely Useful Books That Helped My Writing Career in Many Ways


I eat people’s brains… I love to crack open their skulls and peek into the inner workings of their mind. Methophorically, of course. Reading feeds your brain, fosters creativity, and makes you a better writer. “To be a great writer, you need to be a great reader.” – Thousands of writers. Today I wanted to […]

Dear Aspiring Writer, We NEED You


  Writing is tough. Writing something remarkable is even more difficult. The gap between the idea of writing and the practice itself is so large, because it takes a certain energy and commitment to accomplish. You have what it takes to be a writer. I have no doubt in my mind you could be great […]

Read This if You Can’t Decide Which Topic to Write About


Is paralysis analysis killing your creativity? It’s been happening to me lately. I went through dozens of different drafts before I made it to writing this post. I wanted to make sure the subject matter was worth writing about. It didn’t feel good. I felt rigid. I was putting too much pressure on myself over […]

How to be a Confident, Productive, and Wildly Successful Writer


I know, I know. You want to be a successful writer. You dream about what it’d be like to have your words read by thousands of people. You long to have raving fans ready to devour your latest work.

How to Build An Audience On Medium


Everybody’s hitting publish. Thousands of articles hit Medium each day. Millions hit the entire web every day. The sea of noise online is as vast as the ocean. You’re a tiny little fish swimming in a large pond. Many writers who’ve tried to find success on Medium have been met with crickets. I used to […]