The Only 3 Types of Writing People Actually Want to Read


Does it feel like nobody seems interested in your writing, even though you write often? Maybe you’re making same mistake I used to make.

The Undisputed Key Secret To Becoming a Great Writer


I’ve been trying to balance my writing schedule with my job, taking care of my family, and all of my other responsibilities. I’ve been failing. During these past few weeks, I wrote almost every single day, but nothing seemed to come out right. Nothing I wrote was worth publishing. I was losing it. It felt […]

How to Build An Audience On Medium


Everybody’s hitting publish. Thousands of articles hit Medium each day. Millions hit the entire web every day. The sea of noise online is as vast as the ocean. You’re a tiny little fish swimming in a large pond. Many writers who’ve tried to find success on Medium have been met with crickets. I used to […]

Your Creative Work Means Everything and Nothing at the Same Time


You don’t need to become a master at what you do. You don’t need to start logging your “10,000 hours.” You don’t need to make grand plans for “following your dreams,” and “finding your purpose.” You don’t need to do anything. I’d like to say I dreamed of becoming a writer my entire life. I’d […]

5 Lies Creatives LOVE to Tell Themselves


I’m writing a new book. But there’s a problem: I can’t write it. I’m already 5,000 words in and I’m still not confident that I can complete it. I know this is a lie I’m telling myself, but it doesn’t make the lie feel less real. We all our lie to ourselves sometimes.. We make […]

You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Create


This guy created a “best selling,” book that only contained a picture of his foot. The process was simple. He took a picture of his foot, added it to a document, uploaded it to amazon, asked a few of his friends to buy it, and placed it in an obscure category so it would rank […]

Why I Write


Why do I write? I write because it’s one of the few things that allows me to be myself – my real self. Life requires you to be fake sometimes. I don’t have to fake it when I write. I write because it’s amazing how many different concepts, ideas, and messages can be shared with only […]

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your First Book


Think you have a book in you? We’ve all heard the overly quoted statistic. 81% of the population wants to write a book, but only 1% actually does. In 2016, writing and publishing a book isn’t only possible, but it’s easier than it’s even been before. There’s something amazing about being able to say you’ve […]

Do What You Can With What You Have


**For the broke, busy, and frustrated** A friend came to visit me yesterday. He’s working on creating videos for YouTube to help people learn about science. He came over to record video of my daughter as part of his new project. He had an expensive looking camera, a tripod, and microphone attached — the works. […]

How To Beat The Odds That Your Dreams Won’t Come True


Statistically speaking, your dreams won’t come true. Just look at the numbers: 77 percent of people dislike their jobs or don’t feel engaged in them. This number isn’t likely to change. Only 12 percent of people make the famed optimal-happiness-salary of 75 thousand per year ore more. 81 percent of people want to write a […]