The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First Book

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How to be Certain Your Writing Career Isn’t a Waste of Time

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad — your writing career might be a waste of time. The good news — it’s probably not. I’ve noticed a strange fear I — as well as many others — have. The fear of putting time and effort into something that just isn’t meant to […]

The Power of Showing Up – What I’ve Learned From Two Years of Writing


I’ve been writing for two years now. When I started, I had no idea I’d write as much as I have or accomplish as much as I have. Like you, I had a burning desire to unleash the thoughts I had stirring around in my head. I thought about writing for far too long before […]

“Most Writers Fail,” but What if YOU Succeed?


I’ve been guilty of spouting lies, so have many other online writers. Online writers and bloggers make success in the writing field seem harder than it is. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a better writer, finding readers for your writing, making money from your writing, building a legacy with your writing, ect., aren’t necessarily easy. […]

5 Books That Will Make You Healtier, Wealthier, and Happier

Picture yourself a year from now. You’re completely content, have a shredded body, and your bank account is overflowing with cash. Sounds too good to be true right? The perfect life is hard to come by. The chances of you excelling in all three areas — health, wealth, and happiness —  are slim. What should […]

How to Get Paid to Learn How to Become a Better Writer

What if I told you people would pay you to become a better writer? What if I also told you people would pay you higher amounts to keep learning how to become a better writer? I’ve seen too many online writers wasting away writing free material without reaping any rewards for their writing. Today I’m […]

The 5 Most Motivational Books I’ve Ever Read

Self-help books get a bad rap. Yes, many fill their pages with trite pieces of advice and don’t help much at all. I’ve read many, however, that changed my life after reading them. If you’re looking for books that can do more than give you a small boost of motivation that quickly fades, check out […]

Why Writing Often is the Ultimate “Life Hack,” for Personal Growth

Do you hate life hacks? “Drink green tea at 103 degrees.” “Wake up at 5:13 a.m. every day and meditate for 17 minutes.” “Take a cold shower to stimulate your nervous system.” Perhaps the “optimal life style hacking,” phenomenon has gotten a bit out of hand, but I found a true “life hack,” that’s made […]

The Ultimate Guide to Attracting a Loyal Audience for Your Writing (Without Selling Your Soul)

Admit it. You want more fans for your writing. You’re tired of writing posts nobody reads and being jealous of other online writers who hit a home run every time they publish. You know it’s possible to attract an audience of loyal fans because you see others doing it, but for you it feels like […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Writing Habit That Sticks Like Superglue


You know you need to write often to have a successful writing career. You want to build a writing habit so you can unleash the ideas, words, and stories you have locked inside you. But… You can’t bring yourself to face the page enough to make the habit stick. You write sometimes, or worse, you don’t write […]

How to be a Relentless Writer Who Never Quits

Being a full time writer is one of those careers that’s way harder to pull of than it looks. In the old days, you had to be lucky to succeed. Some writers would go decades before getting published. Even in today’s landscape, where anyone can publish anything at any time, you still face an uphill […]